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Yamaha YSi SP

  • 1-head solution to perform various inspections with a single head
  • Achieves high-accuracy high-speed inspections using 3D+2D inspection, image resolution switch-over and more
  • A thorough and extensive machine-to-machine (M2M) solution
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for diverse statistical processing
  • Optional features to enable handling various products
OMRON VP- 6000 V

The new VP6000-V can complete the loop 3D inspection of solder paste with the opportunity to correct the excesses of your screen printing process. The unique Phase shift technology combined with twin projector for the acquisition and measurement of screen printed volume guarantees reliability and repeatability of high quality.


The VP5200-V uses a highly accurate and repeatable, true 3D image acquisitions using Phase shift technology to perform complete PCB solder paste analysis. Potential PCB warpage is calculated at each inspection area and the camera will auto-focus to compensate prior to analysis. These features combine to achieve precise volume measurements at accuracy within three percent.