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Material Cutting



The Artos C-4/5 products provide high-speed measure and cut-off of many applications including wire, cable, tubing, tape, labels, textiles, screen, celluloid, sand paper, shim stock. etc. The C-4/5 pulls material in strip form (usually provided on a reel or spool), measures the material to a programmed length, and cuts the material using steel cut-off blades.


ARTOS WIRE PREPPER SYSTEM II – (45-700 / 45- 705)

Automatically measure, cut and count hook-up wires, medical grade tubing, heat shrink, rubber cable and communication cable with our Wire Prepper System II. With an encoder that provides improved length consistency and heat treated steel blades that last longer, this unit stores up to 99 batch programs for quick, easy access to frequently run jobs and allows custom made product changes to suit specific end-user needs.