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SMT Pick and Place Machine

Yamaha S10 / S20

3D MID: Molded Interconnect Device -

Newly developed models for which dispense and placement not only on standard PCB but also on concave-convex, tilting and curved surface are also to be realized. To ensure the machine for 3D MID applications such as automotive, medical and Telecommunications in future, machine structures required have already been arranged accordingly.

Yamaha S10 / S20

Ultimate Flexibility to realize 3D MID* Modular Placement system

  • Enhancement to 3D MID
  • Large board handling capability
  • Wide ranging component handling capability ( 0201- 120mm x 90 mm , BGA , CSP ,Connectors ,other odd- shaped components ) and high feeder capacity
  • Ultimate flexibility and fast & easy setup
  • Placement speed upto 45,000CPH
  • Placement accuracy A (μ+3σ) - CHIP +/-0.040mm (40 microns)
  • Placement accuracy B (μ+3σ) - IC +/-0.025mm (25 microns)

Yamaha YSM10 – (Compact High Speed Modular Placement System)

  • 46,000CPH World Leading*1-Beam/1-Head Class, Entry level Surface Mounter
  • HM head adopted with new scan camera for broader range of component size compatibility
  • Component handling capability from 03015 to 55*100mm
  • Scalability for future possible addition in volume and speed
  • Enhanced functionality to provide for table production
Yamaha YSM20R

Yamaha YSM20R

High-end High-Efficiency Modular Placement System
  • World’s fastest mounting speed in its class; 5% faster than the YSM20. Featuring a new wide-scan camera with improved component adaptability.
  • Rated placement speed upto 95,000 CPH (Premium Version)
  • Two head variants HM and FM to choose from; Component handling from 03015 to 55*100mm, height upto 28mm.
  • Newly-developed Auto Loading Feeder (ALF) that revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill
  • sATS30NS Auto Tray Sequencer (ATS) for nonstop tray replacement
  • All new optional Non-stop feeder carriage exchange system

Yamaha YSM40R

Ultra-High-Speed Modular Placement System
  • Achieves revolutionary productivity of 200,000 CPH* giving it the world’s fastest speed on a compact platform
  • Various head options to choose from, to suit customer requirement.
  • Highest productivity in the world.
  • Flexible response for different production configurations.
  • High tech to support high mounting quality & a high machine operating rate.
Yamaha “Sigma” G5S II

Yamaha “Sigma” G5S II

Premium Modular Placement System
  • Two new head types in an evolution of the “1-head solution” to achieve high productivity: Accommodates super-small 0201 (0.25 × 0.125 mm) size components and large components
  • Extended detection range of components held for better mounting quality
  • Larger internal buffer size to reduce feeding loss with large PCBs
  • Further detail revisions and refinements for added reliability
  • Compatibility with previous models
  • Number of component types 120 types max. ( 8mm wide tape equivalent )
Yamaha “Sigma” F8S

Yamaha “Sigma” F8S

Premium Modular Placement System
  • The "1-head solution" rotary head provides. Speed, versatility and high operating ratio.
  • Fastest speed in its class! Produces 150,000 CPH with 4-beam & 4-head
  • Direct drive head gives high-speed & high-accuracy
  • The Super Loading Feeder totally innovates components supply tasks.
  • Mounting Accuracy : High-speed head – 0201/03015 : ±25μm (3Σ) (140,000CPH) , 0402/0603 : ±36μm (3Σ) (150,000CPH)
Yamaha YC8

Yamaha YC8

Odd-Shaped Component Handling System
  • Odd-shaped and Pressure-inserting component handling capability
  • Can handle power modules used in Electric (EV) and Hybrid (HV) automobiles
  • Maximum components
    Size : 100 x 100mm
    heights : 45mm
  • Capable heavy components up to 1kg Supports press fitting of components
  • Compact machine width of 880 mm allows for more efficient use of factory floor space
  • Utilizes the ATS15 automatic tray supply unit capable of handling up to 15 trays
  • Compatible with the Yamaha “SS Feeder” and “ZS Feeder”