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Yamaha Single axis robot Transervo Series

New type electric cylinders that utilize a newly developed vector control system stepping motor to respond to the needs, such as automation at low cost and energy saving by substituting electric units for air units.

These electric cylinders can be used in a wide variety of processes, such as assembly, inspection, handling, and transfer of small precision machine components, and are also suitable for the handling or inspection process in the medicine and food industries.

Single Axis Robot
Yamaha Single axis robot Phaser Series

A linear motor actuator that is developed to respond to the long-stroke, high-speed, and high-precision requirements as the manufacture equipment is made larger and the speed of the transfer equipment inside the factory is made faster.

As various tip tools are attached, this actuator can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly including screw tightening of electric and electronic components or mechanical components, insertion, take-out, transfer, adhesive application, and soldering.

This linear motor actuator is being developed continuously to respond to the market requirements while it is evaluated as excellent direct acting actuator and the results are built up as drive shaft of the automated production equipment.

Phaser Series
Yamaha Single axis robot Flip X Series

An electric actuator that is composed of an AC servomotor, a base, ball screw, belt, and linear guide. This electric actuator is a general purpose robot that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly and inspection.

The electric actuator utilizes highly rigid ball screw and guide, and uses resolver with excellent environment resistance for the position detector. So, it features long service life.

This greatly contributes to reduction of the customer maintenance control costs.

Flip X Series
Yamaha Cartesian Robot XY-X Series

An electric actuator composed of 2 to 6 slide axes that are orthogonal to one another. Enhanced arm variations and functionalities ranging from a compact and low price arm to an arm applicable to the heavy object transfer and long distance transfer are available to respond to a wide variety of the customers needs.

This electric actuator is used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly, machining, insertion, take-out, handling, and packaging of small precision machine components, automotive components, and electronic components for board mounting.

Cartesian Robot XY
XY X Series II
Yamaha Scara robot YK-XG Series

SCARA robot, The most distinctive feature of which is a completely beltless structure. As the tip rotation axis is directly connected to the speed reduction gear, this achieves the overwhelming high-rigidity, high-speed, and high-accuracy.

This robot is used in a wide variety of processes and applications, such as production equipment for electrical and electronic components, and small precision machine components requiring the precise assembly, and assembly, handling, and transfer of large automotive components.

YAMAHAs SCARA robots with over 30 years past results were awarded first place of the shipment quantity in 2010 * 1 and have been utilized at many production fields.

Scara Robot
Yamaha 6 axis robot YA series

The articulated robots 'YA series' pursue high speed and space saving to contribute to production facilities for improved productivity and downsizing.

Combined with a running axis, the YA series robots make the transport between processes more efficient.

Best suitable for building up a compact process cell and processes of transporting small parts, assembly, and inspection.

Robot YA series

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