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Controls & Softwares



SCHMIDT Press Control 600 and 5000 are state of the art controls which allow the design of modern production processes – from the single workstation to complete automation. Features Safety technology – available as type-approved devices,
Process measurement technology – simultaneous measuring during the process
and process documentation
Press Control 5000 is a control unit for the operation of compact, standardized single workstations as well as complex, highly flexible assembly automation systems.
Press Control 600 with integrated PLC and process data management is made for intelligent process control of force/stroke monitoring of Manual Presses as well as Hydro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Presses.
Press control 75 allows the design of manual workstations with safety technology that meets the latest global standards for two-hand cycle initiation, guarding or light-curtain protection. Can be integrated with Electric Presses as well as Hydro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Presses.
PRC Gateway serves as a link between Press Systems and a system control (PLC). The PRC Gateway is especially designed to meet the requirements of an automation and provides the opportunity to integrate Press Systems very easily.
For customer who desire combinations of discrete and analog I/O and do not what a Bus/Net based system, SCHMIDT can offer interface through CANBUS capable bus couplers that provide a wide range of capabilities for interface