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Conformal Coating System


“PACHDA” PCM-400H Jetting Dispenser (Offline)

PCM-400H is a professional jetting dispensing device, the left and right side all have a sound insulation door with Auto lifting function, at the mean time, it can be as a production line transferring window. Using closed construction, and with sound insulation cotton inside to deduct the noise during dispensing. It’s mainly using for jetting dispensing technology for different kinds of electronic products’ adhere, coating, fill and packing for the semiconductors, etc. Best choice for production, testing and experiment.



The PC series dispensing system and Conformal Coating systems have obvious cost effective advantages, is reliable and durable and has a simple design. It is suitable for multi standard circuit boards and substrates . Equipped with simple and friendly software to ensure the system is stable and reliable The system is chip package, board assembly , SMT points red plastic , Medical supplies and other Products for the application of dispensing application , Track adjustable width, wider range of products High cost performance under high performance conditions

  • Non-contact injection valve for smaller dispensing diameters and a wide range of applications
  • Injection valves increase dispensing reliability ,consistency and increase productivity and material utilization
  • Underfill minimum overflow width is only 0.2mm (related to configuration and glue)
  • Identify the chip body, more accurate than Mark point identification
  • Identification, automatic program call, foolproof, data statistics and other functions to achieve intelligent manufacturing