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ITW EAE Vitronics Soltec Zeva-V

ZEVAv delivers the best value in the high-speed selective soldering market. The ZEVAv platform leverages proven, market-leading fluxing, preheating and soldering technology to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production, and process control. Designed with the flexibility to match your specific application and the ability to execute on-the-fly changeovers.


ITW EAE Vitronics Soltec Zeva-M

The ZEVAm brings patented soldering technology that excels at meeting the challenges of miniaturization. Tilting allows the ZEVAm to solder at any angle to guarantee proper soldering results for the ever decreasing pitch of components. ZEVAm can process three PCBs simultaneously for high throughput in a high mix environment and offers a choice of wettable and non-wettable nozzles.