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Automatic Optical Inspection System



The VT-S500 is Omron's solution to providing next-generation, 3D inspection capability at minimal cost. With revolutionary 3D image processing, the VT-S500 accurately analyses the topographical features of solder fillets to ensure PCB quality and reliability.



  • The New VT-S530 provides Full 3D-AOI capability, High performance, Highest First Pass Yield, Zero escape and lowest False Rejects amongst other strengths
  • The technology available on the VT-S530 has been proven ultra-performance on the existing VT-S730 and especially on the VT-S730-H with which it is sharing the new Image-Capture Module.
  • The VT-S530 Series uses a combination of Phase Shift and Omron’s unique color image processing technology called ""color highlight ™ 3D shape reconstruction technology"" for the Best Inspection Quality.
  • The VT-S530 offers a great versatility in application as it can be used on pre or post reflow inspection, Single or Dual lane, it is 01005 compliant and has the possibility to inspect XL boards of 510x680mm.



The VT-S730 is an advanced and best in class 3D AOI system with multiple camera for inspection. With its 3D-SJI, the VT-S730 can easily detect lifted lead, lifted component, component co-planarity, as well as the highest quality in Solder joint inspection.


“Yamaha” YSi–V

High-end Hybrid Optical Inspection System

  • Performs 2 Dimensional inspections, 3 Dimensional inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections all in one unit! It has more than double the inspection capability of ordinary inspection systems.
  • 2D High-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections
  • 3D Height, and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections (option)
  • 4D 4-way angular camera (option)
  • Option of 5MP or 12MP Digital Cameras
  • Highest selling 3D AOI in Japan

“MagicRay” 2D AOI

Offline AOI V8 series
  • High precision and high speed offline AOI, V8 uses linear module with stat-of-the-art accuracy and repeatability with High stability marble platform.
  • Algorithm based pixel counting inspection technology makes it a comparable machine with all major brands in the world.
  • Auto conveyor width adjustment feature

Inline AOI V5000 series

  • For SMT PCBA pre-reflow, post-reflow inline inspection
  • Granite platform, greatly improve machine precision and stability
  • Programmable RGB+W LED lighting source
  • Telocentric lens with constant magnification and low distortion response
  • Available in 5MP and 12MP camera versions.
  • Single-lane and Dual-lane conveyor configurations also available


Double side inspection Inline AOI V5300

  • Simultaneously inspect the top and bottom of PCB in one Machine
  • Save time for PCB flipping
  • Anti-dust protection and automatic vacuum cleaning system
  • Powerful inspection algorithm, easily handle all kinds of odd Shape components
  • Warp compensation solution